October 28th 23:50 CET
By Claw

The Butcher executed in Chernarus

The former gang leader, Sergia Zietsev, has been shot in northern Chernarus in a gunfight between rebels and NATO Forces.

"Justice, in the name of the people, has carried out the death sentence against the criminal Sergia, who faced his fate like all tyrants, frightened and terrified during a hard day which he did not expect,"
October 12th 02:33 CEST
By Claw

It is time for another update! This is a bit of a lengthy post but please read through it as there is important information.
This time around we are dropping the mh-47E in preparation for the helo dlc landing in a few weeks. A few mods were updated like cba and the f-18. But the big story for this one is the new stuff.

We have added some static weapons to arm our enemies with in our current and future campaigns. We also added the AT4 to ease the strain on our AT guys. And to keep our infantry pleased (except those that hate bigger downloads :P ) autumn has requested a few new guns to add variety to our arsenal.

Unfortunately the updated skins and insignia were causing a few problems resulting in them having to wait for the next update cycle. Also the requested burnes abrams was causing a few errors that resulted in it being dropped from this update.

And finally we are dumping a3mp and going with AiA Terrain Pack. A3MP hasn't been updated actively for quite some time. AiA TP came out not too long ago and was on release already the better option. We have been waiting to start using it to get some updates to it and now we feel it is ready to switch over. This also means we can drop the a2 island fixes as they are integrated in AiA TP. Due to the more active development we will be hosting the current version ourselves to avoid version mismatches.
October 1st 13:21 CEST
By Claw


For proving dedicated and active since joining
Reach Elite Forces and passing their Basic Rifleman.

Private First Class

For proving dedicated and showing both skill and
knowledge in the field in a multitude of scenarios.


For displaying exemplary tactical
awareness and skill in the field.

First Sergeant

To bring his rank finally a little more in line with his
Overlord responsibilities but allowing him to
keep the stripes he's so fond of ;).
October 1st 01:22 CEST
By Claw

ReachEliteForces has been around for over a year now, and in May we upgraded to a newer, faster, server

but what ever happened to our old server that we ran campaign and training nights on for 8 months.

Our website and TS have been sitting on there keeping the processor warm with our pictures, videos, threads and voices.

But today we say goodbye to that server, as Leshrack moves everything over to our server we use now, and gets ready to flip the switch, turning the light off on the server that started us out on our journey.
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