May 22nd 10:34 UTC

It's been a busy month for updates at Reach and as you can see with the title, we're landing multiple changes all at once. Stick with me here, we have a lot to go over but I'll keep it as brief as possible.

Modpack Update

The modpack update is on the brink of release and with it come a few dramatic changes to the arsenal at Reach. A full changelog will cover the details but as a brief overview we say goodbye to the HLC weapons as well as a few other staples like the HK417 and MG4 & 5 in favour of adding the whole RHS Escalation USAF pack. After extensive testing on the Thursday Immersion nights it became apparent the pack offers something for every role at Reach. Including the pack also means less fiddling with multiple separate packs for our modding team, which as I'm sure you'll all appreciate will take a lot of the workload off the guys.

We can also expect the full compliment of vehicles, there are multiple HMMWVs, MRAPs, trucks, armoured vehicles and air (say hello to the Apache finally as our primary close air support attack chopper!). Obviously a new pack warrants an asset acclimatisation and there will be plenty of time to trial all the new weapons and vehicles next week at our Tuesday training session.

The Reach Wiki

Our community is full of knowledgeable members who share information and skills with all of us on a daily basis; what better way to present all this information than our very own wiki. The staff team have made headway putting up the first bits of information but we have a long way to go yet. If you have information you'd like to see on the wiki please get in touch with a member of staff and in the meantime take a look at the pages that are currently live. We will be transferring as many of the guides as possible and will continue to populate the wiki into the future.

You'll notice we have guides for respawning, weapon restrictions by role and other useful information, some of which I will elaborate on below.

Updated Rules

We haven't updated our rules page since September 2013 and as the community evolves and new members join, it felt we were a little overdue an update. The Rules page of the wiki, available via the following link, covers some of the very basic aspects of being a member of our community.

Respawn Guide

It's come to our attention over the months that it can be fairly confusing when you respawn regarding what exactly you should do in order to get back to your team. This information is now on the wiki and covers the various steps you can attempt to regroup with your section.

Weapon Restrictions by Role

In order to keep the roles unique and ensure that you are carrying the correct weapon for the job we have taken the opportunity with the new Modpack update to create some restrictions by role of what weapon you can take into the field. For most of you this will either be obvious or irrelevant as you already carry the correct weapon; for others who like to bend these rules? Well, section leads now have a handy guide to point you towards if they need to enforce a rule. Please take the time to view what weapons your selected role may carry and if you have any questions, don't hesitate to get in touch with your NCO or an officer.

The weapons list can be reviewed at the following wiki page:

Company HQ's got a new name

Along with the platoons new names that heralded a new structure for Reach (and one which we're all slowly starting to get used to) it's time to retire the Overlord callsign previously used for Platoon HQ and adopt a new one for Company HQ officially.

The new callsign, 'Guardian' started as a suggestion on the immersion series and will be replacing the callsign Overlord for Company HQ on the Tuesday sessions as well, starting from the Tuesday training session on the 26th May.

New Mini Series

And finally, on behalf of all of us, I'd like to thank Lunatic for his four part series set in the Takistan mountains. There were a many firsts for Reach on this campaign as we were presented with a dynamic and evolving scenario which swiftly began to spiral out of control and ending on an epic cliffhanger. Will we see a return in the future? From the debriefs it was clear some lasting memories have been etched (scarred?) into our brains. It was pleasure to see how the series developed and how the weight of decisions impacted things further down the line. Thank you Lunatic!

And with that we move onto the next series, this time by Immersion Series regular creator Setkiro. I'm sure thats enough to get your imaginations spiralling of what will be happening in two weeks time after our training session...

If you have any questions on any of the above, don't hesitate to pop one of the officers a pm on the forums, grab us on steam, or even on teamspeak.
May 20th 09:06 UTC



For proving dedicated and active since joining
Reach Elite Forces and passing their Basic Rifleman.

Congratulations guys.
April 23rd 11:33 UTC

It is with great honor I can announce the recipients of the following Medals
for their heroic actions on 21st April 2015 during the Mission Courageous Restraint.

NATO Meritorious Service Medal
The NATO Meritorious Service Medal is awarded to commend NATO staff whose personal initiative and dedication went beyond their duty to make a difference both to their colleagues, and to NATO as an organisation. In addition the Medal is awarded for performance of acts of courage in difficult or dangerous circumstances; showing exceptional leadership or personal example and making an outstanding individual contribution to a NATO operation.


For his heroic actions in providing covering fire for two colleagues pinned down by an overwhelming enemy force whilst defending his own position and relaying critical information to Company HQ throughout until the QRF and sister platoon Spartan could arrive.

Bronze Star
The Bronze Star is awarded for acts of heroism, acts of merit, or meritorious service in a combat zone.


For their heroic actions in attempting to recover their wounded and trapped colleagues, subsequently finding themselves pinned against overwhelming numbers and eventually making it to safety.

Congratulations men.
April 22nd 11:16 UTC



For proving dedicated and active since joining
Reach Elite Forces and passing their Basic Rifleman.

Private First Class


For proving dedicated and showing both skill and
knowledge in the field in a multitude of scenarios.



For displaying exemplary tactical
awareness and skill in the field.
A special thank you to Mindstorm and Flannel for all your hard work with the launcher and framework

Specialist 2


For showing skill and dedication to their unit, a deep understanding
of their role and maintaining a regular training regime.

Specialist 3


Demonstration of exceptional skill in combat, by supporting the platoons within Tombstone.



For proving an able team lead when under pressure
and displaying dedication to his fellow soldiers.

Staff Sergeant


For his strong leadership skills and dedication towards his platoon and sections.

Senior Airman


For development of skill, and their continued dedication and role in Storm.



For his dedication, support and leading of Storm. The community and myself would like to thank you for all the hard work and effort you have put in to make this community stronger.



As we now move on to expand our community. A strong, professional and truly dedicated integral part of this community has shown all of us what we can aspire too. We all owe you a great thanks for the effort you have put into this community.

Message to the whole community:
With out all of you we could not have accomplished all that we have over the duration of time Reach has been alive. I say alive as it truly is with everyone's input and values converged into one community.
So a special thank you to you all for your continued support.
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