August 19th 09:50 BST

Some of you may have noticed overnight the Altis Campaign Medal appearing in your inboxes. This medal is a decoration for the members of our community who have attained a 60% or above attendance record over the time they have fought with us on our Tuesday evening campaign missions. (You must have a fought a minimum of four operations with us to be eligible for the medal).

Over the last year we've had a tremendous amount of fun (and sometimes stress ;) ) running the Tuesday night sessions and none of it would be possible without you guys attending week after week! This is our thanks to you for sticking with it through thick and thin and making Reach what it is. Here's to you guys!

Altis Campaign Medal

The medal currently displays on your website profile, for instance mine can be seen at -

if you'd like to display this in your signature on the forums please see the forum thread >here<
August 12th 21:43 BST

DATE: 17.01.2036

TO:  All REF service personnel

FROM:  <General Peter Ellis>

Gentleman, may I first commend you on your unit’s sterling work in the Aegean theatre. Your job as the spearhead to the NATO force has stopped the CSAT advance in the area and has given the main NATO force a strong foothold across the whole region.

The main NATO forces can take it from here while the situation across the region is assessed. Hopefully with the CSAT advance halted, our politicians can push to open up negotiations to avoid this conflict escalating further.

New Deployment:

Your new tasking is a mission of the utmost importance and needs a force that can be trusted to operate in a very sensitive situation. You are heading back to the Eastern European Buffer-Zone (EEBZ), specifically the former state of Chernarus. You have been chosen for this deployment as your unit has first hand knowledge of the area and has the skill set to adapt in this unique political situation.
July 2nd 16:24 BST
By Claw

Today is the first day that we have handed any sort of commendation to the community, but they are well deserved

Bronze Star

Assigned July 2nd
Awarded post Operation 'Old Acquaintance' for acts of heroism on the battlefield
resulting in the lives of fellow soldiers being saved whilst under heavy fire.

Diving – Mine Sweeper

Assigned July 2nd
Awarded for going beyond the call of duty in the clearance of
over Seventy underwater mines to ensure the safe landing of our
infantry before 'Operation Gladius'.
March 28th 17:06 GMT


For proving dedicated and active since joining
Reach Elite Forces and passing their Basic Rifleman.

Private First Class

For displaying dedication, knowledge and skill in the field
and for rising to the tasks assigned to them without hesitation


For displaying strong leadership skills and solid knowledge
of their surroundings and fellow platoon members in the field

Specialist 2

For being dedicated to his craft as a Combat Field Medic,
showing exceptional skill in the field and imparting his
knowledge of the role with great effect to aspiring medics.


For proving dedicated and active since joining
Reach Elite Forces, passing his Basic Rifleman
and his Chopper Basics Maneuvering.
Your transfer to Storm is now complete.

Congratulations soldiers, your promotion letters are in the post.
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